Apply for Inbound Sales Consultant

We are a smart home device sales and installation company based out of New York. We serve 4 locations currently in New York, Boston, Washington DC, and Los Angeles and are expanding into other major markets in 2018. Our product lines cover all categories of smart home devices, including health, safety, efficiency, and entertainment.


We are the #1 installer for Nest in the markets we serve and also have partnerships with other national home brands that bring us a significant flow of customers every day.


The position we are looking to fill is for an inbound sales consultant to follow up with and close installation inquiries as well as consult with homeowners about other solutions we can provide them. You can work anywhere in the US as long as you have a consistent internet connection to make calls through our Voip phone system and access our CRM.


Experience: 2 years of Direct Sales

Location: Remote / US Based

Compensation: Hourly Base + Commission

Keys to Success

  • Product knowledge is a must. We have a large catalog that you will learn over time, but having familiarity with basic smart home technology is a must. Our best team members are tech aficionados and love learning about the latest and greatest devices coming out to improve our lives.
  • Empathetic and able to adjust your approach based on the prospect’s needs. We are not looking for hard closers that never take No for an answer. Our focus is on serving clients long-term and adding solutions to their home as they want them.
  • Follow up wins the day. Our clients are busy homeowners, so following up with them to accommodate their schedule is a big factor in winning their business. And viewing follow up as a form of service is a core principle for us.


1. Your Personal Contact Info
2. How much sales experience do you have?
3. What’s the most yearly income you’ve ever made from selling?
4. What were you selling and what was the average transaction value?
5. How would you rate your ability for each of these skills?
6. How familiar are you with smart home technology?
7. What CRMs have you used to manage your pipeline in the past? Do you have a favorite?
8. Requirements
9. Anything we didn’t ask that you would like to let us know?
Please attach your resume (optional)