Apply for Part Time HVAC/Smart Home Technician Position

Thank you for expressing your interest in joining this burgeoning industry and working at Refresh Smart Home. We specialize in selling and installing smart home products that help the home become more energy efficient, healthy and secure. Our passion lies with meshing smart home technology with the world's best air purification hardware to help people breathe cleaner air inside their homes and at work.

To apply for this flexible, part-time position, we ask that you complete all of the questions below. We will be in touch with you if we feel you can be a good fit with our organization.

Thank you for taking your valuable time filling out this application.

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3. Required Items
(Volt meter, screw driver for Phillips head and flat head, wrench, hammer drill, 7/8 dia 12" length masonry drill bit, 7/8 dia 12" length wood drill bit, tape measure, pliers, wire cutter, fish tape, 5-ft ladder, flashlight)
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